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DEF Business Consult

You will benefit from our many years of DEF business experience.

As one of the founders of the DEF we are internationally seen as experts. 

If you become our customer for equipment, this becomes automatically available to you, for free.

We can assist you with developing your total DEF business.


We have been active and successful in this field since 2003. And helped over 100 operations to start producing and selling DEF successfully

Urea Supply

We can assists in getting quality urea to produce DEF.

As we know how to organise and what to look for.

Logically, as this is our business and you can benefit from it.


Might you be looking for finance or lease options: these are available.

Then from day one, your project will generate a positive cash flow.

Other Assistance can be given such as quality control, marketing strategy, market knowledge etc.

Diesel exhaust fluid production unit


What services we can deliver

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